BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details

2 farms; Owners: Rudolph Gouws, Abel Stoltz, Britz; troop train derailed and fired on 2 miles E of Pan [Source: Cd 524, p.14]

Persons on Farm
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  1. Miss Aletta Elizabeth Charlotte Gouws (Aletta Charlotta Elizabeth) Unique ID: 81447
  2. Miss Anna Catharina Gouws (Anna Catrina) Unique ID: 81444
  3. Mrs Anna Catrina Gouws (Mrs Adolf Johannes Crafford) Unique ID: 81440
  4. Miss Cornelia Aletta Wilhelmina Gouws Unique ID: 81445
  5. Master Dirk Johannes Gouws (Dirk Johannes Albertus) Unique ID: 81442
  6. Miss Elsie Elizabeth Gouws Unique ID: 81446
  7. Master Gert Frederik Gouws (Gert Frederick Simon) Unique ID: 81443
  8. Miss Ignatius Gerhardus Gouws (Ignatius Gerhardes) Unique ID: 81448
  9. Mr Jacob Jozef Gouws (Jacob Joseph) Unique ID: 81441
  10. Miss Petronella Catharina Gouws Unique ID: 81566
  11. Miss Petronella Catrina Gouws Unique ID: 10364
  12. Mrs Pieter Marthinus Gouws Unique ID: 81565
  13. Master August Adolph Smidt Unique ID: 79169
  14. Miss Catherina Susanna Smidt Unique ID: 79170
  15. Miss Johanna Gustava Smidt Unique ID: 79172
  16. Miss Susanna Abigail Smidt Unique ID: 79171
  17. Mrs Susanna Abigail Smidt Unique ID: 79168
  18. Miss Catherina Susanna Smith Unique ID: 111500
  19. Master Gustav Adolf Smith Unique ID: 111503
  20. Miss Johanna Gustava Smith Unique ID: 111502
  21. Master Mattheus Johannes Smith (Schmidt; Smith, Johs M) Unique ID: 111504
  22. Mrs Susanna Abigehael Smith Unique ID: 111499
  23. Miss Susanna Susara Smith Unique ID: 111501
  24. Miss Anna Cristina Stoltz Unique ID: 173369
  25. Mrs Cornelia Aletta Stoltz Unique ID: 173368
  26. Miss Magdalena Elizabeth Stoltz Unique ID: 173370
  27. Miss Maria Salomina Stoltz Unique ID: 173371
  28. Master Willem Stoltz Unique ID: 173372
  29. Mr Johannes F J van Rensburg Unique ID: 79159

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