BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Persons on Farm
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  1. Miss Anna Cathrina Botha Unique ID: 168206
  2. Miss Heibreg Franzina Botha Unique ID: 168204
  3. Miss Maria E Botha Unique ID: 168203
  4. Miss Susara Maria Botha Unique ID: 168205
  5. Mrs Susara Maria Botha Unique ID: 168202
  6. Mrs Alida Helena Crafford Unique ID: 74112
  7. Miss Catrina Elizabeth Erasmus Unique ID: 74600
  8. Master Petrus Erasmus Unique ID: 74599
  9. Mrs Petrus Erasmus ( Maria Catherina) Unique ID: 74597
  10. Master Rudolph Phillip Botha Erasmus Unique ID: 74598
  11. Miss Maria E Harpur Unique ID: 168208
  12. Mrs Maria E Harpur Unique ID: 168207
  13. Miss Anna Sophia Kruger Unique ID: 75183
  14. Miss Helena Jacoba Kruger (Magdalena Jacoba) Unique ID: 27260
  15. Miss Hendrina Adriana Kruger Unique ID: 75189
  16. Miss Hendrina Adriana Kruger (Hendrina Ad; van Wyk, Hendrina A) Unique ID: 51931
  17. Master Johannes Stephanus Kruger Unique ID: 75186
  18. Miss Laziya Hendrina Kruger Unique ID: 75190
  19. Mrs Laziya Hendrina Kruger Unique ID: 75182
  20. Master Louis Ludovic Kruger Unique ID: 75187
  21. Mr Louis Ludovic Kruger Unique ID: 75181
  22. Miss Lysia Hendrina Kruger (Lisya Andrina; van Wyk, L Hendrina) Unique ID: 51932
  23. Miss Magdalena Jacoba Kruger Unique ID: 75188
  24. Miss Magdalena Jacoba Kruger Unique ID: 75191
  25. Miss Martha Elizabeth Kruger Unique ID: 75185
  26. Master Stephanus Johannes Kruger Unique ID: 75184
  27. Miss Anna Margrieta Johanna Moolman Unique ID: 75426
  28. Mrs Jacobus Bernardus Moolman (Margrieta Johanna) Unique ID: 75425
  29. Miss Cornelia Pretorius Unique ID: 72146
  30. Miss Elizabeth Pretorius Unique ID: 72144
  31. Miss Helena Pretorius Unique ID: 72139
  32. Miss Maria Pretorius Unique ID: 72140
  33. Miss Simona Pretorius Unique ID: 72143
  34. Miss Susanna Pretorius Unique ID: 72141
  35. Master Wessel Pretorius Unique ID: 72145
  36. Mrs Wessel Pretorius Unique ID: 72138
  37. Mr Wessel Francois Pretorius Unique ID: 75661
  38. Miss Wesselina Pretorius Unique ID: 72142
  39. Miss Wilhelmina Elizabeth Roux Unique ID: 75803
  40. Miss Anna Gertruida Cornelia van der Merwe Unique ID: 72254
  41. Master Carl Erasmus van der Merwe Unique ID: 72260
  42. Master Diederik Johannes van der Merwe Unique ID: 72261
  43. Mrs Hendrik Nicolaas Johannes van der Merwe (Cornelia Elizabeth) Unique ID: 72253
  44. Master Hendrik Nicolaas Johannes van der Merwe (Nicolaas Hendrik) Unique ID: 72257
  45. Master Jacobus Erasmus van der Merwe Unique ID: 72255
  46. Master Johannes Petrus van der Merwe Unique ID: 72259
  47. Miss Nellie van der Merwe (Cornelia Eliza) Unique ID: 72258
  48. Master Schalk Andries Jacobus van der Merwe Unique ID: 72256
  49. Mrs Alida Franzina Margarita van Wijk Unique ID: 76834
  50. Miss Alida Franzina Margarita van Wijk Unique ID: 76838
  51. Miss Cornelia Elizabetha van Wijk Unique ID: 76837
  52. Master Hendrik Andreas van Wijk Unique ID: 76836
  53. Master Stephanus Johannes van Wijk Unique ID: 76839
  54. Mr Stephanus Johannes Jr van Wijk Unique ID: 76833
  55. Miss Susannah Laziya van Wijk Unique ID: 76835
  56. Mrs Hendrina Adriana van Wyk (Hendrina Ad; Hend A) Unique ID: 51929
  57. Miss Jakomina Elizabetha van Wyk (Jacomina Anna) Unique ID: 76468
  58. Master Johannes Hendrik van Wyk Unique ID: 33803
  59. Miss Magdelina Maryna van Wyk (Magdalena; Helena Jac) Unique ID: 51930
  60. Mr Stephanus Johannes van Wyk Unique ID: 76470

Acknowledgments: The project was funded by the Wellcome Trust, which is not responsible for the contents of the database. The help of the following research assistants is gratefully acknowledged: Ryna Boshoff, Murray Gorman, Janie Grobler, Marelize Grobler, Luke Humby, Clare O’Reilly Jacomina Roose, Elsa Strydom, Mary van Blerk. Thanks also go to Peter Dennis for the design of the original database and to Dr Iain Smith, co-grantholder.