BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Persons on Farm
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  1. Master Jan de Beer Unique ID: 73579
  2. Miss Alberta Deacon Unique ID: 94921
  3. Mrs Anna Cecilia Deacon Unique ID: 94917
  4. Miss Annie Cecilia Deacon Unique ID: 94922
  5. Master Gert Roelf Deacon Unique ID: 94920
  6. Master Hannie Deacon Unique ID: 94924
  7. Master Jim Deacon Unique ID: 94923
  8. Miss Maria Deacon Unique ID: 94919
  9. Master Pieter Jan Jacob Deacon (E J, Pieter Jan Jacob) Unique ID: 94925
  10. Master Thomas Deacon Unique ID: 94918
  11. Master Daniel Jacobus Henry Unique ID: 73578
  12. Miss Henrietta Thomasina Henry Unique ID: 73576
  13. Miss Martha Sarah Henry (Serka) Unique ID: 73577
  14. Mrs Thomas Henry Unique ID: 73575
  15. Master Thomas Edward Henry Unique ID: 73581
  16. Miss Carolina Francina Jacobs Unique ID: 73573
  17. Mr Christian Johannes Jacobs Unique ID: 73574
  18. Mrs Daniel Jacobs (Carolina) Unique ID: 73569
  19. Master Daniel Jacobus Jacobs Unique ID: 73571
  20. Miss Josina Maria Jacobs Unique ID: 73572
  21. Master Pieter Daniel Jacobs Unique ID: 73570
  22. Mr Pieter Jurean v d B Sen Schroeder (van der Berg; Schreuder; Pieter Juriaan van der Heyde Schreuder ) Unique ID: 75899
  23. Mr Johannes Petrus van der Walt Unique ID: 95185
  24. Mrs Piet van Heerden Unique ID: 73580
  25. Master Sarel Gabriel Petrus Visagie Unique ID: 95396

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