BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Name:Zoetemelksvlei / Zoetmelksvallei / Zoetmelksvlei
Persons on Farm
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  1. Master Christian Johannes Kraft (C Y) Unique ID: 65616
  2. Master Christoph Joh Philippus Kraft Unique ID: 65613
  3. Miss Emmie Jacoba Kraft Unique ID: 65610
  4. Master George Cornelius Kraft Unique ID: 65614
  5. Miss Jacoba Adriana Kraft Unique ID: 65615
  6. Mrs Jacoba Adriana Kraft Unique ID: 65609
  7. Master Johannes Jurgens P Kraft Unique ID: 65612
  8. Miss Martha Magdalena Kraft Unique ID: 65611
  9. Master Pieter James Leslie Unique ID: 68304
  10. Mrs Anna C Berendina Smit Unique ID: 68295
  11. Miss Anna C Berendina Smit Unique ID: 68296
  12. Master Berend Johannes Smit Unique ID: 68305
  13. Master Christian Hendrik Smit Unique ID: 68303
  14. Master Floorice Johannes Smit Unique ID: 68302
  15. Mr Gert Willem Smit Unique ID: 68294
  16. Master Gert Willem Smit Unique ID: 68297
  17. Miss Gertruida Willemina Smit Unique ID: 68300
  18. Master Philippus Johannes Smit Unique ID: 68299
  19. Master Pieter Carolus Smit Unique ID: 68301
  20. Master Willem Niclaas Fredr Smit Unique ID: 68298
  21. Mrs Hester Jacoba Swanepoel Unique ID: 68818
  22. Master Okker Jeremias Swanepoel Unique ID: 68820
  23. Mrs Cornelia Johanna Visser Unique ID: 69112
  24. Mrs Cornelia Johanna Visser Unique ID: 69120
  25. Master Dewalt Jacobus Visser Unique ID: 69114
  26. Master Dewalt Jacobus Visser Unique ID: 69122
  27. Master Floorice Johannes Visser Unique ID: 69116
  28. Master Floorice Johannes Visser Unique ID: 69124
  29. Master Nicolas Visser Unique ID: 69113
  30. Miss Sarah Johanna Visser Unique ID: 69123
  31. Miss Susanna Johanna Visser Unique ID: 69115
  32. Master Willem Niclaas Visser Unique ID: 69121
  33. Mr Willem Nicolaas Visser Unique ID: 69119

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