BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details

Owners: Tys Pretorious and son; this farm had been used as a depot for arms, ammunition, explosives, and materials for blowing up the railway line; all these farms had been deserted by their owners and families [Source: Cd 524, p.15]

Persons on Farm
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  1. Mrs Theunis Jacobus Botha Unique ID: 85869
  2. Mr Adriaan Jacobus de Lange (Lange; Adrian Jacobus) Unique ID: 79505
  3. Mrs Andries Matthys Kok Unique ID: 81999
  4. Miss Jeanette Gesina Kok Unique ID: 82000
  5. Miss Anna Sophia le Grange Unique ID: 60196
  6. Miss Gertbrecht Maria le Grange Unique ID: 60197
  7. Mrs Jacobus Christian le Grange Unique ID: 60133
  8. Miss Johanna Dorothea le Grange Unique ID: 60194
  9. Mrs Johanna Dorothea le Grange (Legrange; La Grange) Unique ID: 60131
  10. Mrs Johannes Matheus le Grange (Mrs Johannes Mathebus) Unique ID: 81508
  11. Miss Juanette Francina le Grange (Janetta Francina; Janetta Francena) Unique ID: 81511
  12. Mrs Lewis Christian le Grange Unique ID: 60191
  13. Mrs Louis Christian le Grange (Mrs Lewis Christian) Unique ID: 81510
  14. Miss Maria Katrina le Grange Unique ID: 60193
  15. Master Pieter Daniel Francois le Grange (listed as female) Unique ID: 60195
  16. Master Sarel Gerhardus le Grange Unique ID: 60192
  17. Miss Susannah Katrina le Grange Unique ID: 60134
  18. Master Adrian Johannes van der Westhuizen (Adriaan J; Adriaan, S A D A) Unique ID: 84081
  19. Master Andries Matthys van der Westhuizen (Andries Mathys; Andries Mathijs) Unique ID: 84080
  20. baby van der Westhuizen Unique ID: 62735
  21. Miss Johanna Dorothea van der Westhuizen Unique ID: 84082
  22. Miss Johanna Maria van der Westhuizen Unique ID: 84083
  23. Master Louis Christian van der Westhuizen (Lewis Christian) Unique ID: 84078
  24. Master Petrus Johannes van der Westhuizen Unique ID: 84079
  25. Mrs Petrus Johannes van der Westhuizen Unique ID: 84077

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