BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Persons on Farm
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  1. Mr Nicholas Philippus Feriera Unique ID: 149914
  2. Master Anthony Michel Ferreira (Ferriera; Feriera, Antonie Michael ) Unique ID: 60029
  3. Miss Hester Katrina Ferreira (Ferriera) Unique ID: 60033
  4. Miss Martha Jacoba Ferreira (Ferriera) Unique ID: 60032
  5. Mrs Petrus Hendrik Ferreira (Ferriera) Unique ID: 60030
  6. Master Petrus Hendrik Ferreira (Ferriera) Unique ID: 60028
  7. Miss Regina Elizabeth Ferreira (Ferriera) Unique ID: 60031
  8. Mrs Susanna Dirkie Ferreira (Ferriera; Mrs Nicholaas Phillipus; Feriera ) Unique ID: 60027
  9. Miss Susannah Maria Isabella Ferreira (Ferriera) Unique ID: 60034
  10. Miss Hester Catherina Ferrera Unique ID: 149965
  11. Mrs Isabella Jacomina Ferrera Unique ID: 149960
  12. Miss Martha Jacoba Ferrera Unique ID: 149962
  13. Mr Petrus Hendrick Ferrera Unique ID: 149964
  14. Miss Rosina Elizabetha Ferrera Unique ID: 149961
  15. Miss Susanna Maria Isabella Ferrera Unique ID: 149963
  16. Master Albertus Wynand Louw (Albert Wijnand) Unique ID: 150422
  17. Mrs Anna Helena Louw (Marthina Anna - second wife?) Unique ID: 150421
  18. Miss Annatobia Martina Louw (Anna Tobia) Unique ID: 150426
  19. Master Antonie Michael Louw Unique ID: 150423
  20. Miss Elizabetha Maria Sus Louw (Elizabeth Susanna) Unique ID: 150428
  21. Mr Jacobus Arnoldus Louw Unique ID: 150420
  22. Master Jacobus Arnoldus Louw Unique ID: 150425
  23. Miss Maghrita Alberta Louw (unchristened female) Unique ID: 150429
  24. Miss Maria Adriana Louw Unique ID: 150424
  25. Master Martinus Johannes Louw (Marthinus Johannes) Unique ID: 150427

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