BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Persons on Farm
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  1. Miss Aletta Elizabeth Johanna W Bezuidenhout (Aletta Elizabeth) Unique ID: 146145
  2. Mrs Hijla Lavina Helena Katrina Bezuidenhout (Lefina H) Unique ID: 146144
  3. Master Michael Daniel Bezuidenhout Unique ID: 146146
  4. Mr Daniel Petrus Boshoff Unique ID: 146060
  5. Master Daniel Petrus Boshoff Unique ID: 146068
  6. Mrs Elizabeth Johanna Boshoff Unique ID: 146219
  7. Miss Elizabeth Sophia Boshoff (Eliz Joh Soph) Unique ID: 146063
  8. Master Jacobus Nicholaas Boshoff (Jacobus Nicolaas ) Unique ID: 146070
  9. Miss Johanna Magdalena Boshoff (Johanna Magd) Unique ID: 146065
  10. Miss Maria Sophia Boshoff Unique ID: 146062
  11. Mrs Maria Sophia Boshoff Unique ID: 146061
  12. Master Matys Johannes Boshoff (Matthys [DBC 75]) Unique ID: 3514
  13. Master Petrus Gerhardus Boshoff Unique ID: 146064
  14. Miss Wilhemina Hendrina Boshoff (Wilhelmina Hendrina) Unique ID: 146066
  15. Master Willem Hendrink Boshoff (Willem Hendrick) Unique ID: 146067
  16. Master Willem Sternberg Boshoff Unique ID: 146069
  17. Mr Christian Rudolph de Wet Unique ID: 149770
  18. Master Christian Rudolph de Wet Unique ID: 152718
  19. Miss Elizabetha Magdalina de Wet Unique ID: 149769
  20. Mrs Johanna Hendrina de Wet Unique ID: 149768
  21. Miss Anna Johanna Engelbrecht Unique ID: 146737
  22. Master Jacob Daniel Engelbrecht Unique ID: 146738
  23. Master Jan Jozevis du Brijn Engelbrecht (Jan Josephus) Unique ID: 146739
  24. Master Karolus Lourens Engelbrecht (Cornelia Landena) Unique ID: 146740
  25. Mrs Stofelina Johanna Maria Engelbrecht (Stoffelina Joh Maria) Unique ID: 146736
  26. Master Willem Johannes Engelbrecht Unique ID: 146741
  27. Miss Anna Margaretha Koen Unique ID: 12321
  28. Mr Abraham Nicholaas Loggenberg (Adrian Nicholas Jacob) Unique ID: 147407
  29. Miss Adriaana Jacoba Susara Maghrita Loggenberg (Susarrah Maghretta) Unique ID: 147404
  30. Miss Aletta Maghrita Loggenberg (Aletta Maghretta) Unique ID: 147400
  31. Mrs Antonetta Katrina Loggenberg (Anbornetta Catherina) Unique ID: 147399
  32. Miss Antonetta Katrina Loggenberg (Aubornetta Catherina) Unique ID: 147401
  33. Miss Francina Jacoba Loggenberg Unique ID: 147406
  34. Master George Hendrik Loggenberg (George Hendrika Catherina) Unique ID: 147405
  35. Miss Gerbrecht Loggenberg (Gertbrecht Maghretta) Unique ID: 147403
  36. Miss Hester Johanna Loggenberg Unique ID: 147402
  37. Miss Susarrah Maghretta Loggenberg Unique ID: 150481
  38. Mrs Anna Johanna Meyer Unique ID: 147606
  39. Miss Anna Johanna Meyer Unique ID: 147610
  40. Miss Cornelia Elizabetha Meyer (Cornelia Elizabeth) Unique ID: 147608
  41. Mrs Engelaar Anna Johanna Meyer (Engela Anna Johanna) Unique ID: 147609
  42. Miss Hessie Katrina Meyer (Hester Catrina) Unique ID: 147607
  43. Miss Heyla L Meyer Unique ID: 14201
  44. Miss Hijla Lavina Helena Katrina Meyer (Heyla Lefina) Unique ID: 147612
  45. Miss Levina Katrina Hendrina Meyer (Lefina Catrina) Unique ID: 147613
  46. Miss Levina Katrina Hendrina Meyer (Catrina Lifina) Unique ID: 147611
  47. Master Abram Christian Oosthuizen (Abraham Christiaan) Unique ID: 147887
  48. Miss Anna Maghrita Maria Oosthuizen Unique ID: 147889
  49. Master Christian Frans Oosthuizen (Christian F ) Unique ID: 147893
  50. Miss Elizabeth Katrina Oosthuizen (Eliz Katrina; E C P) Unique ID: 147892
  51. Master Johannes Christian Oosthuizen (Johannes Christiaan ) Unique ID: 147891
  52. Master Petrus Wilhemus Oosthuizen Unique ID: 147911
  53. Master Philipus Johannes Oosthuizen Unique ID: 147890
  54. Mrs Sarah Johanna Susana Oosthuizen (Sarah Johanna Susanna) Unique ID: 147886
  55. Miss Susara Johana Susana Oosthuizen (Sarah Johanna Susanna) Unique ID: 147888
  56. Mrs Hijla Lavina Helena van den Berg (van der Berg, Lefina Helena C) Unique ID: 146149
  57. Master Michael Daniel van den Berg (van der Berg, Michael Daniel Bester) Unique ID: 146150

Acknowledgments: The project was funded by the Wellcome Trust, which is not responsible for the contents of the database. The help of the following research assistants is gratefully acknowledged: Ryna Boshoff, Murray Gorman, Janie Grobler, Marelize Grobler, Luke Humby, Clare O’Reilly Jacomina Roose, Elsa Strydom, Mary van Blerk. Thanks also go to Peter Dennis for the design of the original database and to Dr Iain Smith, co-grantholder.