BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Name:Wind Hoek / Windhoek / Venthoek
Persons on Farm
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  1. Master Alexander Oscar Adolf Budolf Bosch Unique ID: 113104
  2. Mrs Maria Magdalena Bosch (Basch) Unique ID: 113103
  3. Ms Anna Susanna Botha Unique ID: 3655
  4. Miss Anna Susanna Botha Unique ID: 3654
  5. Miss Judith Susana Botha (Judith Susarra) Unique ID: 112930
  6. Miss Maria Magdalena Christina Wilhelmina Botha (Maria Magdalena Christina) Unique ID: 112928
  7. Master Philippus Rudolph Botha Unique ID: 3983
  8. Master Cornelis Gerhardus Engelbrech Unique ID: 5674
  9. Ms Susanna Sophia Engelbrecht (Engelbrech) Unique ID: 5677
  10. Mrs Jacomina Kamfer Unique ID: 12301
  11. Miss Johanna Cornelia Kamfer (Kamffer) Unique ID: 12000
  12. Mrs Cornelia Petronella Johanna Korf Unique ID: 113101
  13. Master Cornelius Johannes Korf (Korff) Unique ID: 113102
  14. Mr Cornelius Johannes Korf Unique ID: 114224
  15. Ms Isabella Korf Unique ID: 112931
  16. Mrs Andries Johannes Korff Unique ID: 79907
  17. Mr Andries Johannes Korff Unique ID: 79906
  18. Miss Cornelia Agatha Wilhelmina Korff (Korf, Cornelia Agatha W) Unique ID: 111563
  19. Mrs Cornelia Agathe Wilhelmina Korff (Korf, Cornelia Agatha W) Unique ID: 111561
  20. Mr Daniel Gerhardus Korff (Daniel Guspardus; Daniel Gerspadus) Unique ID: 60482
  21. Master David Johannes Korff Unique ID: 60486
  22. Miss Elizabeth Susannah Korff (Elizabeth Susana) Unique ID: 60481
  23. Miss Gertina Levisa Korff (Gertina Louisa) Unique ID: 60483
  24. Mr Hendrik Johannes Gerhardus Korff Unique ID: 79715
  25. Miss Hendrika Gertruida Korff (Hendrika Gertruida Johanna; Hendrika Johanna) Unique ID: 60484
  26. Ms Hendrina Johanna G Korff (Hendrina Johanna; Korf) Unique ID: 111564
  27. Miss Johanna Magaretha Korff (Korf, Johanna Elegnitha) Unique ID: 111562
  28. Miss Johanna Martina Katrina Jacoba Korff (Johanna Martina; Johanna Cathrina) Unique ID: 60487
  29. Miss Maria Aletta Korff (Maria Heleta) Unique ID: 60485
  30. Mrs Maria Magdalena Korff (Mrs Christian Hermanus) Unique ID: 60480
  31. Mrs Anna Susanna McSarre (McSaeri; McEaeri) Unique ID: 113016
  32. Miss Isabella McSarre Unique ID: 113018
  33. Master Tomas Johannes McSarre Unique ID: 113017
  34. Mr Abraham Christoffel Meyer Unique ID: 87282
  35. Miss Cornelia Maria Meyer Unique ID: 14146
  36. Master Gabriel Stefanus Meyer Unique ID: 87308
  37. Miss Helena Johanna Meyer Unique ID: 14147
  38. Mr Hermanus Nicholas Meyer (Meijers) Unique ID: 14145
  39. Miss Elisi Catrina Oberholster (Elsie) Unique ID: 112941
  40. Master Erasmus Petrus Oberholster Unique ID: 112939
  41. Mrs Hannah Susarah Oberholster (Oberholzer) Unique ID: 112937
  42. Master Hendrick Johannes Gert Oberholster Unique ID: 112940
  43. Master William Petrus Oberholster Unique ID: 112938
  44. Master Jurie Johannes Swart Oosthuizen Unique ID: 15325
  45. Ms Anna Susanna M C Scherry Unique ID: 18100
  46. Miss Izabella M C Scherry Unique ID: 18101
  47. Master Christian Hermanus Senekal Unique ID: 79710
  48. Mr David Johannes Senekal Unique ID: 79707
  49. Mr David Johannes Senekal Unique ID: 79709
  50. Miss Elizabeth Maria Senekal (Bettie) Unique ID: 114009
  51. Master Frederik Wilhelmus Petrus Senekal Unique ID: 79711
  52. Master Hendrik Johannes Gerhardus Senekal (Hendrik Gerhardus) Unique ID: 79712
  53. Mrs Maria Magdalena Ch W Senekal Unique ID: 79708
  54. Miss Maria Magdalena Christina Wilhelmina Senekal Unique ID: 79714
  55. Master Pieter Willem Adrian Senekal Unique ID: 79713
  56. Mrs Elizabetha Francina Steyn (Elisabetha Francina) Unique ID: 112932
  57. Miss Elizabetha Francina Steyn (Elisabetha Francina) Unique ID: 112936
  58. Miss Isabella Steyn Unique ID: 112934
  59. Miss Jacomina Cornelia F Steyn Unique ID: 19191
  60. Miss Jacomina Cornelia Frederika Steyn Unique ID: 112935
  61. Miss Maria Petronella Steyn Unique ID: 112933
  62. Master Christian Hermanus Swanepoel Unique ID: 61870
  63. Mrs Magreta Elizabeth Swanepoel (Mrs Mathys Andries Petrus) Unique ID: 61868
  64. Mr Mathias Andris Swanepoel Unique ID: 114723
  65. Master Mathys Andries Petrus Swanepoel (Mathias Andris) Unique ID: 61869
  66. Master Dirk Cornelis Swart Unique ID: 113075
  67. Mrs Elsie Catrina Swart (Swarts, Elsie Catharina) Unique ID: 113074

Acknowledgments: The project was funded by the Wellcome Trust, which is not responsible for the contents of the database. The help of the following research assistants is gratefully acknowledged: Ryna Boshoff, Murray Gorman, Janie Grobler, Marelize Grobler, Luke Humby, Clare O’Reilly Jacomina Roose, Elsa Strydom, Mary van Blerk. Thanks also go to Peter Dennis for the design of the original database and to Dr Iain Smith, co-grantholder.