BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Persons on Farm
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  1. Miss Catrina Elena Kuhl (Cathrina Helena ) Unique ID: 37601
  2. Mrs Carolina Petronella Papenfus (Cathrina Petronella) Unique ID: 37594
  3. Miss Carolina Petronella Papenfus Unique ID: 37596
  4. Mr Charles Holines Papenfus Unique ID: 37593
  5. Master Henry Stephen Papenfus Unique ID: 37595
  6. kafir Papenfus Unique ID: 37599
  7. kafir Papenfus Unique ID: 37598
  8. Master Richard George Papenfus Unique ID: 37597
  9. Master Jan Nel Pretorius (John Jacobus) Unique ID: 37606
  10. Master Samuel Jacobus Pretorius (Samuel Johannes) Unique ID: 37605
  11. Miss Sesanna Elizabetta Pretorius (Susanna Elizabeth) Unique ID: 37607
  12. Miss Sesina Gertrina Pretorius (Susana Katrina) Unique ID: 37608
  13. Mrs Susanna Elizabetta Pretorius Unique ID: 37603
  14. Mr Willem Steremberg Pretorius Unique ID: 37604
  15. Mr Willem Stermberg Pretorius Unique ID: 37602
  16. Mr Alfred James Purchase Unique ID: 37574
  17. Miss baby Purchase Unique ID: 40391
  18. Miss Carolina Petronella Purchase Unique ID: 37555
  19. Mrs Caroline Petronella Purchase Unique ID: 37600
  20. Miss Delila Margreta Purchase Unique ID: 37556
  21. Mrs Dina Margreta Purchase Unique ID: 37552
  22. Mr John Adam Purchase Unique ID: 37551
  23. Miss Magdalena Johanna Purchase (Magdalena M J ) Unique ID: 129523
  24. Miss Magdalena Maria Purchase Unique ID: 37553
  25. Mrs Magdalena Maria Johanna Purchase Unique ID: 37575
  26. Master Richard George Purchase Unique ID: 37576
  27. Master Richard George Purchase Unique ID: 37554

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