BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Name:Rietdraai / Rietdrai
Persons on Farm
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  1. Mrs Anna Jacoba Jordaan Unique ID: 65485
  2. Miss Maria Magdalena Jordaan (J M) Unique ID: 65486
  3. Mr Adolf Jacobus Lombaard Unique ID: 114605
  4. Mr Adolf Jacobus Lombard Unique ID: 87090
  5. Mr Jacobus Hendrik Redelinghuis Unique ID: 68262
  6. Master Adwin Richard Reed Unique ID: 68176
  7. Mrs Hendrina Johanna Reed Unique ID: 68175
  8. Master Jacobus Lucas Reed Unique ID: 68179
  9. Master Robert John Reed Unique ID: 68178
  10. Master Sarl Johannes Reed Unique ID: 68177
  11. Master Willem David Reed ( ) Unique ID: 68180
  12. Miss Alice Gertruida Reedlinghuisen Unique ID: 67971
  13. Mr Jac Hendrik Reedlinghuisen Unique ID: 67969
  14. Master Wessel Jacobus Reedlinghuisen Unique ID: 67972
  15. Mrs Willemina Elis Johanna Reedlinghuisen Unique ID: 67970
  16. Mr Jans v Pieter J Reusenburg Unique ID: 67990
  17. Miss Anna Catharina Venter Unique ID: 20262
  18. Miss Annie C C Venter Unique ID: 20266
  19. Miss baby (girl) Venter (ongedoopte kind van J A Venter) Unique ID: 20267
  20. Mrs Catharina Dafina Joacham Venter Unique ID: 69366
  21. Miss Christina Catharina Venter Unique ID: 20265
  22. Miss Hester Venter Unique ID: 158309
  23. Miss Hester Martha Venter Unique ID: 160725
  24. Master Jan Venter Unique ID: 158310
  25. Master Jan Sarel Venter Unique ID: 160726
  26. Mrs Maria Johanna Venter Unique ID: 158308
  27. Miss Maria Johanna Venter Unique ID: 20263
  28. Master Pieter M Venter Unique ID: 20264

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