BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details

No date given; Owner: Commandant Potgieter; in arms against us [Source: Cd 524, p.16]

No date given; 2 homesteads; Owners: B G Kloppers snr and jnr; sniping [Source: Cd 524, p.16]

No date given; 3 homesteads; Owners: G Klopper, Sarel Alberts, Arons Pieterse; sniping [Source: Cd 524, p.16]

No date given; Owner: N Senekal; sniping [Source: Cd 524: p.17]

No date given: Owner: F Potgieter; this man took over charge of the Krugersdorp Commando from Commandant van der Merwe, who retired, and as sniping continued he was warned in the same way as Van der Merwe, and after three weeks his house was burnt. [Source: Cd 524: p.17]

No date given; Owner: B A Kloppers, snr; these men [see Bultfontein, Johannesburg] are both ex-Chairmen of the Volksraad, and live in the Magaliesberg, sniping; they were warned that if they did not either join a recognised commando or surrender, their houses would be burnt; the warning was disregarded, and the houses burnt [Source: Cd 524: p.17]

No date given; Owners: D Wolmarans, snr, D Wolmarans jnr, G Klopper, B Klopper jnr, G Kruger, H Klopper; all these men were warned that if they did not cease sniping their house would be burnt; sniping continued so the houses were burnt; all of these are men of influence, and in all the houses cartridges were found; all took the oath of neutrality, and then persecuted burghers who did not again want to take up arms [Source: Cd 524: p.17]

No date given; Owner: S Alberts; this man is Field Cornet of the Krugersdorp Commando; he refuses to join Delarey, and keeps his men sniping; our men were often fired at from near his house, so it was burnt [Source: Cd 524: p.17]

No date given; Owner: H Senekal; this man was reported to have shot a man in Roberts' Horse while watering his horse, and so his house was burnt [Source: Cd 524: p.18]

No date given; Owner: H Smit; these three men [see Hekpoort, Johannesburg] shot two unarmed men of Kitchener's Horse while talking to Mrs Jennings, wife of H Jennings of Hekpoort, so their houses were burnt [Source: Cd 524: p.18]

Persons on Farm

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