BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Name:Faraosfontein / Faroesfontein / Farosfontein / Fauresfontein
Persons on Farm
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  1. Ms Maria Sophia de Beer Unique ID: 22490
  2. Miss Maria Sophia de Beer (Eliz Sofia Maria) Unique ID: 22492
  3. Miss Petronella Andriesina de Beer Unique ID: 22491
  4. Miss Anna Susanna Fick (Anna Margaretha) Unique ID: 24942
  5. baby Fick Unique ID: 24937
  6. Miss Cornelia Susanna E Fick (Cornelia Gertruida) Unique ID: 24941
  7. Master Daniel Francois Fick Unique ID: 24940
  8. Master Daniel Johannes Fick Unique ID: 24932
  9. Miss Elena Gersina Fick Unique ID: 24939
  10. Ms Elena Gersina Aletta Maria Fick Unique ID: 24938
  11. Miss Helena Gezina Fick Unique ID: 24934
  12. Miss Hendrika Fick Unique ID: 24943
  13. Miss Hester Magrita Fick Unique ID: 24946
  14. Ms Hester Margrieta Fick Unique ID: 24933
  15. Master Jacobus Fick (Jacoba Johannes) Unique ID: 24931
  16. Master Jacobus Johannes Fick Unique ID: 24936
  17. Miss Maria Sophia Fick Unique ID: 24935
  18. Miss Sophia Elizabeth Fourie Unique ID: 1838
  19. Mr W C Nel Unique ID: 56397
  20. Master Petrus Jacobus Pretorius Unique ID: 30050
  21. Ms Anna Margaritha Scholtz Unique ID: 31085
  22. Ms Anna Margaritha Scholtz Unique ID: 31086
  23. Mr Cornelis Scholtz Unique ID: 41928
  24. Master Cornelis Johannes Scholtz (Corns Jacs) Unique ID: 31088
  25. Master Louis Scholtz Unique ID: 31087

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