BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details

Owner: Ben Johnson; burnt for laying waste country used as base by enemy [Source: Cd 524, p.6]

Persons on Farm
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  1. Master Johan Christian Coetzer Unique ID: 24082
  2. Mr Philippus Jeremias Coetzer Unique ID: 24081
  3. Miss Catherina Elizabeth du Toit Unique ID: 32329
  4. Master Johannes Frederik du Toit Unique ID: 32336
  5. Master Louis Petrus Jacobus du Toit Unique ID: 32332
  6. Miss Isabella Margarita Dorotea Fourie Unique ID: 25121
  7. Master Johannes Petrus Fourie Unique ID: 25122
  8. Mr Johannes Christoffel Hattingh Unique ID: 25796
  9. Mr Philip Rudolf Hattingh Unique ID: 25795
  10. Miss Cornelia Aletta Rabie Unique ID: 30310
  11. Master Barend Scott Unique ID: 101294
  12. Miss Catherina Scott Unique ID: 101290
  13. Miss Hester Scott Unique ID: 101292
  14. Master Johannes Scott Unique ID: 101295
  15. Mrs Sesarals Maria Scott Unique ID: 101289
  16. Miss Sus Scott Unique ID: 101293
  17. Ms Susara Maria Scott (Susannah Maria) Unique ID: 31151
  18. Master Willem Scott Unique ID: 101291
  19. Master Edward Johannes van Rensburg Unique ID: 30481
  20. Miss Johanna Dorothea Veldtsman Unique ID: 32476
  21. Miss Apolina Carlina Wiegand (Wiegnand, Appellina Carolina) Unique ID: 33721
  22. Mr Heinrich Johannes Wiegand (Wiegnand, Hendrik Johannes) Unique ID: 33723
  23. Ms Maria Susanna Wiegand Unique ID: 33719
  24. Miss Martha Jacoba Aletta Wiegand (Wiegard) Unique ID: 33720
  25. Miss Martha Susanna Wiegand (Wiegnand) Unique ID: 33722
  26. Ms Martha Susanna Wiegand (Wiegnand) Unique ID: 33724

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