BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Persons on Farm
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  1. Miss Johanna Bodes Unique ID: 22938
  2. Master Christiaan Lodewyk Botes Unique ID: 23078
  3. Master Ernst Lodewyk Botes Unique ID: 23087
  4. Miss Maria Botes Unique ID: 123171
  5. Miss Martha Catharina Botes Unique ID: 23079
  6. Master Wietz Botes Unique ID: 123172
  7. Master Joseph Albertus du Plessis (Joseph Albertus) Unique ID: 29854
  8. Miss Johanna Catharina Heymans (Johanna Catharina) Unique ID: 26107
  9. Ms Anna Margrita Lubbe Unique ID: 27816
  10. Master Gert Cornelis Meyer Unique ID: 28415
  11. Master Johan Jacob Fredrik Meyer Unique ID: 28408
  12. Ms Martha Catharina Minie Unique ID: 28491
  13. Master Barend Hendrik Christoffel Olivier Unique ID: 29197
  14. Miss Hester Antonette Susanna Olivier Unique ID: 29198
  15. Miss Martha Jacoba Olivier Unique ID: 29220
  16. Master Gerhardus Johannes Rothman Unique ID: 30812
  17. Miss Hester Antonette Susanna M Rothman (H A S M, Antonette Susanna) Unique ID: 30806
  18. J F Rothman Unique ID: 30800
  19. Mr Samuel Rothmann Unique ID: 123499
  20. Miss Ella S M Underhay (Ella Sus Maria) Unique ID: 32451
  21. Miss Johanna Christiaan Underhay (Underhaay) Unique ID: 32452

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