BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons who died in Volksrust RC (799 )

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2052MasterAbrie, Jacobus Johannes
2077MissAckerman, Johanna ElizabethaAckermann
2095MasterAckerman, Petrus JacobusAckermann
2188MasterAnderson, Ernest James
2496MrAustin, Daniel G JScannill Austin, Daniel Godfrey [DBC 109]
2511MissBack, Louisa Petronella
2512MissBacker, Catharina Mariakind van J Backer; Caterina Maria [DBC 109]
2532MrsBadenhorst, Anna Maria
2543MasterBadenhorst, C Cznzoon
2545MasterBadenhorst, Casper H
2608MasterBadenhorst, Lucas Johannes
2614MissBadenhorst, Maria Elizabeth
2617MissBadenhorst, Martha Maria Magdalenadochter
2638MasterBadenhorst, Willem AdriaanWilelem Adrian [DBC 109]
2659MasterBam, Stephanus Johannes
2840MasterBarnard, Barend JohannesBarend Johannes Stephanus [DBC 109]
2841MasterBarnard, Barend Johannes Stefanus
2854MissBarnard, Francina Elizabeth
2959MasterBasson, Josia Francois
2972MrsBasson, Rachel JohannaRachel Johannes

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