BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons who died in Vereeniging RC (206 )

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2050MissAbrie, Cornelia Susanna
2051MasterAbrie, Francois Gilbertus
2053MsAbrie, Susannah Aletta Sophia
9950MsAckerman, Hester Johanna Maria
2592MasterBadenhorst, Jacobus P
2242Bester, baby
2226Bester, H C
3367MasterBooyens, Izaak JohannesBooyzen
3367MasterBooyens, Izaak JohannesBooyzen
3441MsBooyzen, Gertruida Magdalena
4317Brits, A M
4318Brits, A P
4319Brits, A PBritz
4321MrBrits, Andries Petrus
4325MsBrits, Anna MBritz
4400MissBritz, Aletta C
4439MissBritz, babyunchristened female child of W L Britz, W J Britz
4441MasterBritz, Willem J
4466MsBronkhorst, Anna Maria Elizabeth
4520Bronkhorst, baby

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