BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons who died in Klerksdorp RC (1516 )

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25526MrsAnderson, Mary Ann
25526MrsAnderson, Mary Ann
25560MrsAppelgryn, Pieter JacobusWoman
34047MrAppelgryn, Pieter Jacobusof vrouw
34052MissBaartman, Hendrika Wilhelmina
34051MsBaartman, Janette Maria
2518MasterBadenhorst, Alwijn P
2520MasterBadenhorst, Alwijn Petrus
2522MissBadenhorst, Anna Adriana
2528MissBadenhorst, Anna ChristinaCatarina
2534MissBadenhorst, Anna Maria Christina
2641Badenhorst, baby
2642Badenhorst, baby
2643Badenhorst, baby
2644Badenhorst, baby
2539MasterBadenhorst, Barend Jacobus Erasmus
2540MrBadenhorst, Barend Jacobus Erasmus
2550MissBadenhorst, Catharina
2554MissBadenhorst, Christina CorneliaChristina [DBC 75]
2556MissBadenhorst, Christine Heyla FChristina H F

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