BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons who died in Winburg RC (538 )

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2089MissAckerman, Maria Johanna Magdalena
2097MsAckerman, Rensie Aletta
22233MrAppelgrein, Andrias
914MasterAppelgryn, Philippus PetrusAppelgrijn
22405MasterBarnard, Johannes HendrikH J
100426MissBarnard, Susanna Magdalena
22440MsBarnard, Susara
22538MasterBekker, Adam Gotlieb
22540MissBekker, Anna Susanna
22556MasterBell, Adriaan Gerhardus
100760Bennet, child 5Bennett
100759MasterBennet, George EdwardBennett
22726MissBertram, Martha Helena
101693MissBester, Jacoba Alidakind van Jacoba Alida Bester
57932MrsBester, Johanna Theusina ChristoffelinaJohanna C Theo; Johanna S Theunsina; Joha Theunsina Christoffelina
100179MissBeukes, Cornelia Margarita Maria
100305MasterBeukes, Gerhardus Johannes
22866MissBiljoen, Martha Aletta
22946MsBoje, Jacoba Dorothea
22962MissBooyens, Gezina Maria

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