BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons who died in Brandfort RC (1297 )

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2055Ackerman, A
2079Ackerman, M
98753MasterAckerman, Marthinus Albertus
94786MissAckerman, Martina Alberta
95121MrAckerman, Willem Hendrik
98749MasterAckerman, Willem Schalk
99143MissAlberts, Anna Cathrina DorotheaAnna Catharina Dorothea; A B D
99141MrsAlberts, Cathrina HelenaCatherina Helena; Elena Cath; Verwey, Catharina Helena
2163MasterAlberts, Stephanus Petrus
94963MasterArcher, Johannes AndriesJan Walter
94964MasterArcher, Willem ThomasArtcher, Willem F
95233MasterBadenhorst, Christoffel Petrus Stephanus
95237MasterBadenhorst, Cornelis MichelCornelis Machiel
97378MasterBadenhorst, Hendrik JacobusHendrik; Hendrik J
95232MrsBadenhorst, Johanna Sophia
95238MissBadenhorst, Johanna Sophia
97377MasterBadenhorst, Johannes Jacobus
97375MissBadenhorst, Susannah CathrinaSusannah Catharina
95239MasterBadenhorst, Wilhelmus JohannesWilhelm Johannes; Willem J
39974MsBarnard, Aletta Louisa

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