BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons who died in Uitenhage RC (13 )

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114737MasterCollins, Robert
26918Klopper, baby
91462Klopper, baby
27294MrKruger, Izak Jacobus
28799MsNel, Johanna Magdalena
89998MrsNell, Johanna Magdelena
31523MissSpangenberg, Hester Antonette
32158MsTaljaard, Johanna Magdalena
32398Mastervan Tonder, Johannes Petrus
93040Mastervan Tonder, Johannes Petrus
32993MasterViljoen, MarthinusNicolaas
33105MissVisagie, Johanna Maria
89288MrsViviers, Petronella Elizabeth

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