BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons who died in Heilbron RC (1124 )

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22239MasterArsonwill, Hendrie E
22238MsArsonwill, Jacoba Doritia Cristina
22237MasterArsonwill, Roelof Grove
22353MsBadenhorst, Elizabeth Susanna CatharinaEliz Sussa Catha
22352MasterBadenhorst, Hendrik MyburghHendrik Myburg
22354MasterBadenhorst, Jacobus
22390MsBarkhuis, Johanna
22387MasterBarkhuis, Stefanus Simeon HendrikBarkhuisen, Steps Simon Hendrik
22386MissBarkhuizen, Josina Johanna CatharinaBarkhuis
22447MasterBasson, Hendrik Coenraaddu Buisson
22446MasterBasson, Lourens Christiandu Buisson, Lourens C?
22451MissBatten, Alida Maria
22452MissBatten, Isabella Lochei
22453MasterBauch, Carl Richard
121464MrsBeer, MarthaMartha Helena
22551MissBekker, Anna Jacoba
22542MasterBekker, Gert Johannes
22537MissBekker, Maria Jacoba Aletta
22554MasterBelford, Piet Christiaan
22559MasterBenade, PhilippusF F, Philippus

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