BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons who died in Bethulie RC (1707 )

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2054Ackerman, A
2057MsAckerman, Anna Magda
89122MrsAckerman, Anna Magdalena Elizabeth MarieAnna M E M
2066Ackerman, H A J
2073Ackerman, I
89121MrsAckerman, Isabella Hester
89123MissAckerman, Isabella HesterAckermann
89125MissAckerman, Magdalena AllettaAckermann, Magdalena Aletta
2108MsAdcock, Francina Catharina
92086MasterAlbertse, Gert Petrus JacobusAlbertus
91132MasterAlbertse, Joachim Will ZachAlbertus
92083MasterAlbertse, Petrus FrancoisAlbertus
22333MissBadenhorst, Dina Maria AdrianaDina Maria Adriana
22345MasterBadenhorst, Johannes WilhelmJohannes Wilhelmina
22342MsBadenhorst, Maria Gertruida
90609MrsBadenhorst, Marie Wilhelmina
90620MasterBadenhorst, Petrus Jacobus
91433MrsBarkhuizen, Johanna Jacomina
92307MasterBarnard, Adam Lourens JacobusHarm La… Jacobus
92306MasterBarnard, Andries JacobusAndries Stephanus

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