BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons who died in Orange River RC (243 )

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2184MissAlma, Elsie
71780MasterBester, Barend Jacobus
72099MasterBester, Lourens Andries P
22755MasterBester, Lourens Erasmus
72098MissBester, Martha Louisa
71764MasterBezuidenhout, Andries Johannes
71765MissBezuidenhout, Magdalena Mariameisje, Magdalena Maria
72893MissBoshof, Levina Gertruida Fransina
72433MissBoshof, Maria Elizabeth
71628MissBoshoff, Maria Gertina
72492MissBoshoff, Maria Magrieta
73242MissBoshoff, Martha Aletta
73660MissBotha, Magdalena Cecilia Johanna
72472MissBotha, Zacharia AdrianaZacharias Adriaan
72463MasterBrits, Andries Johannes F
72632MasterBrits, Gert Cornelis
72760MissBurger, Classina
72757MrsBurger, Classina SophiaJacobus Philippus
73398MasterCloete, AntonyEdward Albert
23874MasterCoertzer, Frans JacobusCoertzee

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