BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons who died in Barberton RC (275 )

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71499MissApril, Topsy
70559MasterBadenhorst, Abram
111559MasterBadenhorst, Barend Johannes
70560MasterBadenhorst, Dirk JohannesDirk J P
111429MissBadenhorst, Francina IsabellaFrancina E
70552MrsBadenhorst, Jacoba Hendrika
111163MasterBasch, Alexander Oscar Adolf Bardolf
111186MasterBasch, Nicolaas Gideon ChristinaNicolas
71296MasterBeetge, Joachim MartinusBeetjes
70919MasterBeetge, Johannes Andries
70850MissBeetje, Helena SusannaBeetge
70856MissBeetje, Hester CaterinaBeetge
111251MissBeetje, Margaretha JacobaMargrieta Jacoba
70855MissBeetje, Maria MagdalenaBeetge
70026MasterBezuidenhout, Daniel JacobusJacobus Frederik
70027MasterBezuidenhout, Fredrick PaulFrederick P L
111442MasterBezuidenhout, Gert Adriaan
111424MissBezuidenhout, Hester JohannaHester J M
70030MissBezuidenhout, Jacoba Magdalina
69727MasterBlignaut, John HendrikJan Hendrik

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