BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons who died in Balmoral RC (549 )

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59540MasterBadenhorst, Alwyn Peters
59250MissBadenhorst, Anna Ellena Elizabetha
2574MissBadenhorst, Gertruida Anna Susanna
2839MasterBarnard, Antonie Johannes Lourens
59472Barnard, baby
59574MissBeetge, Cornelia Catherina Adriana
3008Behr, babyunnamed child of Jan Coenraad Behr
59377MissBehr, Hester Hendrina
59375MissBehr, Jacoba Sophia
59376MasterBehr, Jan Coenrad
80755MissBekker, Anna FrancinaAnna Francena; Anna Fransiena
22288Bekker, baby
80750MissBekker, Hester Maria
80995MrBekker, Stefanus JohannesStefanes Johannes; Stephanus Johannes
80984MissBekker, Susannah MargriethaSusannah Margretha; Becker, Suzarah Magrietha
59245MissBeukes, Anna Regina
59246MissBeukes, Elena CharlottaHelena Carlotta
59247MasterBeukes, Mattheus Johannesongedoopt
80930MissBezuidenhout, Anna ElizabethAnie Elizabeth
85748MasterBezuidenhout, Barend Jacobus PrinslooBarend Jacobus

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