BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons who died in Wentworth RC (21 )

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5056MasterCoetzee, Jacobus
126234MrsErasmus, Johanna AdrianaAdriaana Christina
10261MissGeldenhuis, Martha FGeldenhuizen
126894MissGeldenhuis, Martha Francina
10673MasterGroenewald, Petrus
11443MissJacobs, Catarina Wilhelmina
11509MissJacobs, Maria Catrina
12032MsKemp, Johanna Maria Magdalena
12341MissKolbe, Esther MargarethaEsther Maria
12368MasterKotzee, Dirk Jacobus
12807Kussman, Mg C W
12910MasterLambrecht, Johan Christiaan
13513MissManning, Elizabeth
18259MsScholtz, Hendrika ChristinaHend Catrine
18309MasterSchutte, Willem D
18613MissSmit, Hendrina Cecilia
19273MasterSteyn, Gabriel Pieter
24506Mastervan Eden, Casparus Jacobus Hermanes
17092van Rensburg, babykind van Wm Jacs v Rensburg
20299MsVenter, Johanna Elizabetha Gezina

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