BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons who died in Bloemfontein RC (1738 )

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2058MsAckerman, Catrina Jacomina
2059MasterAckerman, Dirk Jacobus
2065MasterAckerman, Gideon Peter
2069MasterAckerman, Hermanus Andries
2072MsAckerman, Hester Johanna Wilhelmina Francina
2090MissAckerman, Maria Magdalena
48811MrsAlbertse, Anna GerbrechtAnna B
22230Appelgryn, baby
104115MissAppelgryn, Catarina SusannaCatrina; Cath Sus Sop
22225MissAppelgryn, Ella Sophia
22226MasterAppelgryn, Gert Christiaan
22231MissAppelgryn, Maria Magdalena
22232MsAppelgryn, Maria Magdalena Hendrika
104060MrsAppelgryn, Susanna Christina GertruidaApplegrain, S G C; Susanna G C; Appelgrijn
22229MsAppelgryn, Susanna Sophia
104061MissAppelgryn, Wilhelmina Catharina SusApplegrain, L C; Wilhelmina
104601MissBadenhorst, Elizabeth CatrinaE
22371MissBadenhorst, Elizabeth Susanaiz Susana
22359MsBadenhorst, Francina Carolina JohannaFrancina C J
22363MissBadenhorst, Johanna Martina

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