BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons who died in Johannesburg RC (505 )

(Surname / Surname,Names)
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2129MissAlbertijn, Johanna F
2140MasterAlberts, Cornelius Johannes
48155MrsArmstrong, Jacoba F W Mrs Christoffel S
2610Badenhorst, babychild of Mrs M M
2658MasterBam, Johannes Fredrik
46464MissBarkly, Clara
46825MasterBarnard, FredrickFrederick A
46081MissBasson, Anna Maria EAnna M E
46079MasterBasson, Johannes C P
48090MissBasson, MariaMaria Louisa
48091MissBasson, MarthaMartha Magdalena
3004MissBegley, Jessie ElizabethBeyley
48106MasterBernadie, JohannesJohannes T
2274MasterBeytell, Jacobus Johannes
2296Bezuidenhoud, P J
3106MissBezuidenhout, Aletta Margrietha
3119MsBezuidenhout, Anna Karstina Magdalena
3132MasterBezuidenhout, Cornelis WillemJohs
47634MissBezuidenhout, JohannaJohanna Sophia Adriana; Joha E A
48007MasterBezuidenhout, PietrusPetrus Johannes F

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