BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons who died in Norvals Pont RC (494 )

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2113MissAdendorff, Rachel Martina Elizabeth
41977MrBadenhorst, Casper HendrikKasper
41978MrBadenhorst, Dirk Cornelis
22368MissBadenhorst, Dirkie Johanna
42353MrsBaird, Anna MariaBaied, Jan
43125MasterBecker, Adrian J J
22539MasterBecker, Hendrik Marthinus
43123MissBecker, Johanna Catharina
22541MissBecker, Martha Hester M
42512MasterBecker, Marthinus Petrus
43119MrsBecker, Susannah Catharina
22536MasterBekker, Adriaan Johannes JacobusBecker
44717Bezuidenhout, baby
22824MasterBezuidenhout, Wynand Frederik
42076MissBlignaut, Petronella ElizabethPetronalla
22928Bloem, baby
43839MissBloem, baby
43837MissBloem, Gesina SusannaHesnid
22926MissBloem, Margarita Aletta E
40706MasterBont, Thomas SpencerBowen

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