BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons who died in Vredefort Road RC (540 )

(Surname / Surname,Names)
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22953MrBooysen, Fredrik JohannesBooisen
23074MsBosman, Aletta Elizabeth
23162MissBotha, Anna Elsie
23159MasterBotha, Jan Lourens Stephanus
23158MasterBotha, Johannes Andries
23161MissBotha, Martha Susanna
23163MasterBotha, Petrus Johannes
23164MasterBotha, Sarel Stephanus
23160MissBotha, Susanna Maria
23330MissBothma, Davina EdinaDorina Edina
23329MissBothma, Hester Helena LouisaBotma
23328MissBotma, Anna Sophia MargritaBothma, Sophia Magrietha
23364MissBouwer, Alice JosinaEllis Josina
23392MsBouwer, Anna Catharina
23373MsBouwer, Anna Cecilia
23389MissBouwer, Anna Cecilia
23367MsBouwer, Anna Elizabeth
23375MissBouwer, Anna Hendrina Engela
23365MasterBouwer, Anton MichaelAntonia
23362MsBouwer, Cathrina Wilemina
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