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Camp Details
Name:Doorn Kop
Date open:13/06/1901
Date open (general):9/6/1901
Date closed:
Notes:9/6/1901: Commandant, Rhenoster to CSRC: A large refugee camp is situated at Doorn Kop close to this station, having a population of about 500 males, the majority of whom are badly in want of clothing. Requests instructions how to obtain clothing. In addition, 200 families are about to arrived from Wolwehoek. The supply of food has practically run out and they are asking for rations.
13/6/1901: telegram: OC Rhenoster to CSRC: OC has sanctioned formation of native refugee camp here. Will you please arrange for issue of rations. Foodstuffs for natives entirely consumed.
13/6/1901: telegram: Supply Officer to Superintendent, RC: Native refugee camp formed here large number wire scale of rations early please.
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