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Camp Details
Type:white / black
Location:Orange River Colony
Date open (general):16/4/1901
Date closed:
Notes:16/4/1901: first mention of this camp
nd, DA to GOC, Kroonstad: 'I have been in communication with G.O.C. Vereeningen [sic] who says that owing to re-arrangement of garrison he cannot give protect to a Refugee Camp at Taaibosch. Can you possibly arrange that white & black refugees being brought inot Wolwehoek can be permitted to retain for a day or so as shelters the wagons in which they are brought in. It will be necessary I am afraid to bring these people to Kroonstad but before doing so I will try & get tents for them unless there are any in your Ordnance Stores which I can obtain. Would you consent to a Refugee Camp being started at or near Koppies Station it appeared to me a suitable place if water obtainable.
16/4/1901: Telegram in reply: Wolwehoek highly unsuitable for refugee camp please arrange to send them to Vredefort Rd. Have no tents in Ordnance here & I fear the wagons will be required immediately by Gen Elliot for transportation. Kopjes is also unsuitable. When you can arrange for tents better rail them to Kroonstad.
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