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Camp Details
Name:Brandfort Native Refugee Camp
Date open (general):By 1/3/1901
Date closed:
Rations:15/2/1901: For native refugees: Natives over 12 years of age: Daily: 1½ lbs either mealies, K/corn, unsifted meal or mealie meal; ¼ oz salt; Weekly: 1 lb fresh or tinned meat; ½ coffee; 2 oz sugar - all but the corn to cost 4½d per ration. See Asam
Notes:26/2/1901; Superintendent notes that he has no paid officials in the Native RC, but he has an excellent native headman, Peter, who speaks English fluently and whom he recommends for an appropriate post.

Reply: 1/3/1901: From CSRC that he is entitled to a European superintendent of the Native RC at a salary of £200 pa. Emphasises that the camp should be run as economically as possible, compatible with efficiency. Suggest that Peter be retained as superintendent at a salary of £5 pm.
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