Unpublished works, sketches, juvenilia, etc.

Box 1: Compositions MS - Early Works: Quartet to Capriccio      

Dance for Orchestra
Full score
(Source of movement 3 of Piano Concerto no. 2)

Choral music and songs:Four Early Songs; 4 Traditional African Lyrics

String Quartet and 2 sets of parts from different hands. Includes 2 photocopies of each score.

Clarinet Rhapsody.
Photocopy of 1948-50 short score manuscript, annotated with revisions and orchestration notes for the final 1995-96 version. Also, clarinet part revised in 1985.

Capriccio (for Harpsichord).

11 Piano Preludes

Choral music: Omar Rabbi Akiba – Hebrew folk song “O lovely peace” from Handel’s Judas Maccabeus, arranged for children’s voices.

Study for Piano

Music for Cello and Piano.
Score and cello part. Original manuscript in copyist’s hand. Cello part in Allan Stephenson’s hand.

Folder of early works.
Includes op.1,2, various piano pieces, Concert Study, Piano Concerti, Doleo et gaudeo, etc.
For details, see face of envelope.

Music for 2 Flutes and Timpani.

Incidental music for Sophocles’ “Wife of Heracles”

Music for Clarinet and Piano,

Original manuscript.
Original pencil sketch

Separate manuscript book (black cover), contains:

Nostalgia of a metropolis. Op.3

Kaleidoscope. Op. 5
First sketches for Dance for orchestra, Cello music and Clarinet Rhapsody (at back of book).

Box 2: Ballet and film scores

The Girl in the Mask.

Ballet in 4 scenes for Western Theatre Ballet, United Kingdom

Turkey, the Bridge

Film score for Samaritan Films, London

Jet Stream

Film score for Pendennis Productions, London.

Four Indian Moods
1. Maharaja; 2. Everest; 3. Mountains of Tibet; 4. Old Delhi
Southern Library of Recorded Music, Ltd

Seven Years in Tibet
Film score (22 tracks)
Seven Leagues Productions,
Seven Years in Tibet – Suite (see listed separately).

This work has not been performed and orchestral parts would have to be created from the full score. Some of this music was used in the ballet score “The Girl in the Mask”, 1958, and later in “Serenade for 10 Wind Instruments, percussion, Cimbalom & Piano”, 1958.

Box 3: Sketch books, Southern Music Recorded Library

Soho Sardana; Campion – Rajna
Contents: Campion [A V Rajna] – Rajna Song Collection. Includes 6 Sephardic (Ladino) Songs, arranged for Voice, Guitar (or Piano) & Flute.

Various loose page pencil sketches, including:
“Sunday ballet”, later used for Movements for Strings.
Movements for Strings
Cantilenas and Interludes

Small sketch book, contains:
Fragments, including Ambrosian Hymn, 14th Century Psalms, etc.

Sketch books I to VI, covers period 1951-1958.

3 manuscript music books, 1948-1949, includes:
Various counterpoint and harmony assignments and compositions while studying at the Royal College of Music,

Piano Concerto No. 1. First complete pencil sketch:
Manuscript book (double) [Sketch books VII & VIII]

Music for Violin and Piano
Pencil sketches

Pencil sketches

Seven years in Tibet (film score)
Pencil sketches

Envelope containing some loose page sketches (fragments for Clarinet Rhapsody, String Quartet, Dance for Orchestra, Piano Prelude no. 9 (completed on second day after arriving in London, 2 Dec 1947).
2 Hungarian exercise books, 1946/47. Lecture notes and dissertation on Handel’s Messiah.
2 Hungarian music manuscript books. Harmony exercises and jottings, 1946/47.

Sketches for Southern Music Library (recorded background music for films):
4 Indian moods
Desert Dance
Arabian Night
Turkish Feast
Danger Zone
Voice of

Soho Sardana. Light music
Original manuscript and copies

Farewell Valse. Light music
Published file copies of the two pieces above by The Manor Music Co. Ltd,
London, 1964 (Carlin Music Corp).

Silk and Satin. Light music

Various pop songs in 2 envelopes and 1 folder

The Oliver Twist – swing by T Rajna, words by Nick Palmer



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