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Act Title
1714 Establishment of the Debt Registry
1714 Stamp Ordinance : Stamps on "Grosses" or Authentic Copies of Public Instruments ; Stamps on Grosses of Public Instruments
1761 Regulation Respecting the Water Flowing from Table Mountain ; Water Regulations
1779 Abolition of All Laws and Usages Authorizing the Confiscation of the Property of Criminals Placaat ; Abolition of Confiscation of Property of Criminals
1783 Renewal of the following Warning , respecting the Carcases of Horses, Oxen, &c., on and Near the Public Roads ; Burial of Cattle dying near Public Roads
1761-1787 Resolutions of the Court of Policy regarding the Rights of Propietors of Gardens in Table Valley &c., to Water Flowing from Table Mountain ; Water Regulations
1787 Water Regulations
1789 Prohibition of Lotteries
1793 Regulations for the Prevention of Confusion in the Debt Registry
1805 Reform of the Debt Registry