Areas of Involvement: Crossroads

Documents in BC 668 (E26.1), Manuscripts and Archives Department, University of Cape Town Libraries

[May 1986]
Crossroads - Nyanga bush destruction May 18-26 [1986]: Black Sash involvement and reaction
Report on Black Sash involvement in monitoring events in New Crossroads and Nyanga East, including police involvement in unrest, as well as work of Crossroads Support Group, 18-26 May [1986]
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Modderdam, Werkgenot, Unibell - - all were demolished
Information sheet on Crossroads, affirming the right of residents to live in Cape Town
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The Reality of Crossroads
Information pamphlet on Crossroads, stating the Western Province Council of Churches' belief that there was state involvement in the events at Crossroads and that the systematic destruction of shacks could be interpreted as a forced removal.
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[Covering letter from Mary Burton, Black Sash National President]
Covering letter to "South Africa. May 1986: At a political crossroads?"
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South Africa. May 1986: At a political Crossroads?
Information and comment concerning current events and developments in Crossroads. Includes addenda: Affidavits and statement concerning S.A. Police involvement in the May 1986 destruction of Crossroads extension; Current security legislation
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Crossroads, South Africa - treating the casualties
Information leaflet issued by the Clinic staff of the Empilisweni Clinic, Crossroads, reporting on the types of injuries treated by the Clinic between February and November 1985
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The mid 1986 Crossroads/ KTC Squatter Camp demolitions in wider context
Working Paper for Black Sash National Conference
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Chronological Report of Events in Old/New Crossroads
Chronological report of events in Old/New Crossroads in early 1986
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Crossroads - Resistance and Removal
Information leaflet, stating the Black Sash's opinion on and condemnation of events in Crossroads in 1986 and demand for a judicial commission of inquiry. Includes article by Josette Cole of the Surplus People Project
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Crossroads 1975 - 1985: from popular struggle to mini-Bantustan
Summary of events leading up to 1986. 3p.
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Batyhalwa Ngezixhanti abahlali kolu voto
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Save Crossroads!
Leaflet in support of the rights of the Crossroads community
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Black Sash survey of Crossroads. February 1978
Survey of the Crossroads community, based on Advice Office records
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