Herbert Baker Architectural Drawings

No. Building Operation Plans in Holdings Nature of Plans Scale Documents in Holdings Signature Notes
72 Bank of Africa building Working drawing Detail Scale: 1:24 2 sheets: 55 x 74 cm. Signed: Stuart and Harrison, April 1907. Blueprint
62 Government buildings Working drawing Plans, elevations, sections, detail Scale: 1:96 12 sheets: 93 x 71 cm, poor quality copies Unsigned, Oct 1903 [known to have been the work of Sir Herbert Baker] Accompanied by: New laboratory, 1:360, signed H.Baker and Masey, 2.10.1903 ; Photograph ; Basement plans ; Letter from Public Works Office, Bloemfontein to H.Baker and Masey.
129 Grey College. Additions Working drawing Block & site plans, elevations, sections, details Scale: 1:96 16 sheets: 69xl00cm, varies, some blueprints Unsigned, Sept 1903 Accompanied by: Plans for sanatorium.
194 South African Mutual Life Assurance Society Building. Competition entry. Competition drawings Plans, elevations, sections, details Scale: 1:192 18 sheets, 74 x 51 cm Unsigned. Closing date: 12 Sept. 1928 Accompanied by: Conditions of competition, including site plan and photograph; Report to accompany entry
244 Cathedral of St Michael and St Andrew. Alterations Sketches/Working drawings Plans, elevations, sections, details Scale: 1:96 6 sheets, 78x55 cm Signed: H.Baker and Masey, [March 1905]. Accompanied by original plans for cathedral, signed W.H.Stuche, Jan. 1897 (2 sheets)