Herbert Baker Architectural Drawings

No. Building Operation Plans in Holdings Nature of Plans Scale Documents in Holdings Signature Notes
34 Statue of C.J.Rhodes Sketch Site plan, plan, section Scale: 1:24 and 1:48 - Unsigned, July 1909 Accompanied by: Plan of proposed site ; Plan of Gardens area ; Sketch plan of Gardens.
380A Delville Wood Memorial Sketch Site plan, plan, elevations, sections, details Scale not given 4 sheets, 116 x 66 cm, and smaller, some blueprints Signed: H.Baker, Sept 1927, and J.S.Cleland, Oct. 1929 -
380A Lukin Memorial Sketch/Working drawing Plans, elevations, details Scale: 1:12 and full size 5 sheets, 108 x 67 cm and smaller Signed: F.K.Kendall and Mansergh, Oct 1930 -